“Conflict comes from the gap in connection. This chasm in understanding that needs to be crossed in order to be understood. And what many of us do in the face of widening gap is we turn up the volume and we increase the size and the force of our actions in order to reach across that perceived divide. And sometimes in our desperation we choose tragic strategies that wind up hurting others or ourselves.” (Kathleen Macferran, TEDx)

What can be done so that prisons become houses of healing?
How can we support inmates in resolving conflicts with their families, correctional officers and other inmates in such a way that brings peace?
How do we repair connection when trust has been broken?
How can we support a correctional system to increase its capacity to support individuals?

This workshop will explore ways to bring a message of hope, common humanity and nonviolence to men and women inside prisons. By learning alternative strategies to violence, we can build safer communities, restore broken relationships, and create systems where the needs of more people get met more of the time.

We especially invite people who:
– work (are planning to work) with inmates and/or their families;
– are fascinated by Nonviolent Communication and are interested how it works in prisons;
– want to deepen their skills of resolving conflicts in a peaceful way;
– are interested in the prevention of violence.

You can read about the second workshop led by Kathleen Macferran in Poland here: www.zmieniajswiat.org